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Dog Got You Stressed Out?!

We’ll transform your dog’s behavior.

Through Balanced Dog Training (also known as Obedience Training with positive praise), we use tools and positive reinforcement to help your dog’s behavior go from unpredictable to dependable.

We provide In-Home Dog Training as well as Group Training.

Reach out to sign up! Have questions? Please ask away!

Your Dog’s Needs Are Unique.

We Offer Customized Plans

Whether it’s overcoming anxiety, curbing aggression, or simply mastering basic commands, our tailored approach makes training relevant to your dog’s needs and reduces the burden of frustration and anxiety on you as an owner.

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Training dogs and helping people is what feeds my soul. Connection is a key ingredient for effective results. Your dog is a member of your family and training your pup is a lifetime investment. Training is also so important for your dog’s mental and physical health, as well as yours. I’m grateful to guide your journey towards a calm and understanding relationship with your dog. ~ Mandy O., Owner

Licensed and Certified

CPDT (Certified + Insured Professional Dog Trainer)

Certified Professional Dog Trainer


K9 CPR Certified

Member of the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals)​

IACP Members

National K-9

Graduate of National K9 University

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Why Choose Us

You need results that last. Mandy’s Dog Training offers you professional support to cultivate a well-balanced and good natured pet while fostering a deeper connection between you and your dog. 


Our Trainers Are Licensed, Certified & Insured

You’re working with the best up-to-date training strategies and professionals.


We Involve The Entire Family In Your Home

Cohesive communication between your whole family and your pup builds more effective results.


In-Home Dog Training Is Where The Triggers Are

We address the in-home triggers you and your dog deal with every day.


Emergency & Fast Response For Violent Behavior

This keeps you and your dog safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Training is essential when you own a dog. It provides a physical workout and mental stimulation, builds confidence and builds an amazing bond between you and your dog. 

We recommend once a week to keep everyone on track. 


No. A dog can be trained at any age. 


Corrective training with positive praise

We train in Park Ridge AND surrounding areas. Although we want to help everyone, areas a little far from us might incur a charge for travel. We will let you know up front if that is the case. 

No. We go session by session. No commitment.

Anita Jerome

Certified Dog Behaviourist

Jhon Rolan


Sarah Walson

Certified Dog Behaviourist

Health Care

Expert Skills

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What Our Clients Say

“Mandy is amazing with dogs! She helped me to train my dog really quickly. She provides great customer service, and works quickly and efficiently!”

– Lisa Page

Amanda was wonderful to work with! We are first time puppy owners and she walked us through all the basics of owning and training a puppy. She came to our house so our puppy could be trained in his own environment and I was able to send her videos throughout the week to get feedback on how he was doing. It was a great experience for both us and our puppy!

Jackie Caldron Designation

Amanda was amazing! She came to our home several times to help us train our Portuguese water dog. In one sitting, she taught our entire family, including our 7-year old, how to walk her using the heel and sit commands. She followed up with sessions around door manners, stay commands, etc. as well as helping us address some unwanted biting issues. Whatever the topic, she was so clear, thoughtful, and patient. It was truly amazing to have her help… and we can’t recommend her highly enough to pet owners… especially families!

Monica Milligan Designation

I contacted Amanda when my pup wouldn’t stop pulling on walks and jump all over people as soon as they walked through the door. Anderson fell in love with her right away and she was able to teach me how to correct him. He’s been doing so much better and we can enjoy our walks now!! I’m grateful to Amanda and would recommend her to anyone!

Kathy Miczko Designation

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