Plans & Pricing

Private training is $150 per session in your home. Each session is one hour. (Please be advised that although we’d love to help everyone near and far, we may have to add a travel charge depending on the distance.  You will be notified beforehand if that is the case. Thank you!) 

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Phone Consultation

$200 for 4 classes

Group Classes

Currently being held at Magic Scissors Grooming in Park Ridge

$150 hr

In-home Training

Why Choose Us

You need results that last. Mandy’s Dog Training offers you professional support to cultivate a well-balanced and good natured pet while fostering a deeper connection between you and your dog. 


Our Trainers Are Licensed, Certified & Insured

You’re working with the best up-to-date training strategies and professionals.


We Involve The Entire Family In Your Home

Cohesive communication between your whole family and your pup builds more effective results.


In-Home Dog Training Is Where The Triggers Are

We address the in-home triggers you and your dog deal with every day.


Emergency & Fast Response For Violent Behavior

This keeps you and your dog safe.

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What Our Clients Say

“Mandy is amazing with dogs! She helped me to train my dog really quickly. She provides great customer service, and works quickly and efficiently!”

– Lisa Page

Mandy was great! I have been a Dog owner for years but adopted two puppies who needed some extra one on one attention for consistency in behavior and listening. My dogs were different animals after only 3 sessions. I’ve been able to take what we learned and continue to work with them on my own. It’s not just dog training- it’s people training. So the owners know the how and what to do when it comes to training. My dogs don’t bark or move when other dogs pass by, they sit and stay very well and I feel 100% confident in their behavior when out in public spaces. They walk like champs and sit at every corner automatically. Mandy is great and highly recommend.

Jennifer Walchil Client

I contacted Amanda when my pup wouldn’t stop pulling on walks and jump all over people as soon as they walked through the door. Anderson fell in love with her right away and she was able to teach me how to correct him. He’s been doing so much better and we can enjoy our walks now!! I’m grateful to Amanda and would recommend her to anyone!

Kathy Miczko Client

We worked with Amanda when our very hyper puppy was getting the best of us. She was so patient and positive during the process. Each week, we focused on one particular skill, whether that was heeling, laying down, sitting at corners on walks, staying, or door manners. After each session, our pup was usually sleeping--a reward for everyone!

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